Cold Weather Tip: Proper Warm Up

This past week’s weather has been pretty crazy for us Floridians.  For a few consecutive days, it did not get out of the 50’s and at night we had low 30’s.  I am not used to this weather and it kind of caught me off guard.  Whenever I would try to work out, I found that I had to take more time than usual to get warmed up.  No longer could I just do a few light sets or walk on the treadmill for a few minutes, but instead I had to take much more time to feel I was ready to start.

If you have ever seen the Discovery Channel when they follow any kind of predator, the animal always stretches immediately after waking up.  He stretches his whole body out, readying himself for the intensity of the hunt.  Kind of sounds like riding doesn’t it?  Moto is a whole body stressor and requires you to prepare prior to “hunting.”  Going out cold limits your range of motion in your joints which puts you at risk for both strains and sprains.

Doing some sort of light calisthenics gets the blood flowing and pumps oxygen through your muscles.  As you do these light movements, you actually raise your body temperature.  Even simple movements like jumping jacks, pushups, and squats can be sufficient.  Once, you get your heart rate up, you can then perform static stretching.   Bouncing while you stretch can actually lead to minor strains in both warm and cold weather, so no bouncing!

Now that the temperatures are dropping, this is even more important.  Injuring yourself because you didn’t stretch and warm up is the worst feeling because it is something you can easily prevent.  To recap, do some light movements to get the heart rate up and blood flowing.  Then you can start to stretch.  As always, make sure you take a parade lap in your first moto.  Better safe than sorry.

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