Coming back from Mild Injuries

Last was a pretty cool experience for me.  I was in North Carolina and got to go snowboarding for a few days with some friends.  For a Florida Boy, snow is pretty crazy…so I take advantage of it.  We snowboarded a lot and I fell a lot!  After a few gnarly falls, my tail bone and back were pretty sore.  I wanted to get back into the gym but I was way too sore for any heavy workouts.

This got me thinking about coming back from injuries from the riding.  A few riders actually switched coasts because of injuries and are taking time to recover.  Mild injuries are pretty common in motocross.  So whenever you wash out and fall on your shoulder or swap out, you are generally going to be a little sore the next day.  Most of the time, you can get away with just going to the gym and toughing it out.

However, sometimes, it may be a little more severe than that.  Training while injured obviously can make things worse, but you don’t want to stop training entirely because one body part is really sore.  Working around the problem is a good way to keep on top of your fitness without sacrificing your whole program.

For instance, if your shoulder has been hurting you for a while, doing some push ups might help keep your upper body from getting too weak.  In addition, the push ups incorporate your shoulders slightly, helping to ease the problem out.  You can also do cardio on the stationary bikes or run outside (if it’s not freezing out).  Body weight exercise keep the strength up, but more importantly, it helps keep mobility in the muscle or joint.  If you didn’t move it, it would lose movement and it would be harder to get back to your previous point of flexibility.

The main idea to take from this is to find a way to work around the problem.  Don’t try to muscle or force your way through a work out; that only makes it worse.  Body weight exercises help tremendously when trying to get movement and strength back.  If a problem is upper body, don’t be afraid to do some cardio.  Just train smarter than the dirt you ride on and you’ll be fine!

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