Consistently Consistent

This past weekend proved to be another reason why 2011 could be one of the greatest years of Supercross racing. Ever. James Stewart had the confidence and swagger after being touted as the “fastest man alive” yet Villopoto had the raw speed to stay with him. After the first race, everyone doubted Reed and Dungey as they appeared to be on a lower level of speed. However, consistency pays off. Granted, most of us aren’t racing 17 gnarly Supercross races every year, but looking at Ryan Dungey’s persistency can teach you a lot.

Looking at the previous rounds, “The Dunge” has always been near the front of the pack. He hasn’t always been the fastest, but he’s always there ready to capitalize on the mistakes of others. Even if you aren’t the fastest guy in your class, you can still make an impact if you stay mistake free and have a clean ride. A few years ago, I had a bike problem at a local race. I wasn’t going to race, but my buddy let me ride his bike in the 16 – 24 class. There were definitely faster guys in there, but I stayed consistent and rode my own race. That saying is so over used, but that is the only way to describe it. I went 5-4 for 3rd overall on another bike. I kept it on 2 wheels, while other people took each other out. Like the old story goes, the tortoise beat the hare!

Persistency also pays off in training. Some people assume that if you kill yourself in the gym and on the stationary bike 1 or 2 days a week, you set for the rest of the week. That’s like showering a couple times on Monday and thinking you are going to smell good on Friday. Sorry, but it doesn’t work like that. Staying on a program day in, day out for each week will pay tenfold instead of sporadic, random running or bicep curls. You chip away and slowly build on your endurance. You will save yourself from injury and avoid burning yourself out on the excess workouts.

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  1. Another good article !!

  2. Thanks D. What were your thoughts on Toronto? Not too happy?

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