Core Strength Workout

Here is a little circuit workout to mix things up.  This keeps your heart rate up and gets the blood flowing through some resistance movements.  These are pretty simple exercises modified to stimulate the core a little bit more than usual.  Building and maintaining a strong core in moto is one of the most important aspects when strength training for this sport.  As I have said before, the legs and core provide a base while the arms are simply attachments to the handle bars.  Not to say that you shouldn’t throw in some arm work, but the main idea is to concentrate on strength and power movements, not working on the “gun show.”

This workout is best utilized in the middle of week or if you are short on time.  For this reason, you want your rep range to be 12 – 15 and your rest should be around a minute.  For beginners, start out with 3 sets, and then advance to 4 sets when you complete 3 sets easily.

  • One leg push up – Jump Squats – Medicine Ball Crunches
  • Stiff Leg Deadlifts – Pull ups with Legs held up – Dumbbell Press on Medicine ball
  • Lunges – One leg and alternating Dumbbell shoulder presses – Plyo crunches

Let me explain this work out a little bit.  For the one leg push up, simply get into the push up position.  Instead of having both feet planted, raise one leg and begin the push ups.  Switch legs half through your rep count.  For you jump squats, you want to perform a regular squat, but with much lighter weight.  When you go down, you want a smooth and controlled descent. On the ascent, you want to explode up and jump just a few inches off of the ground.  When you come down, you want to land “lightly” on your toes.

For your stiff leg deadlifts, you want to be careful and not put too much weight on.  This is supposed to work your lower back and hamstrings, so make sure you stretch for this one.  The next exercise adds some intensity to the whole workout.  Simply perform a pull up, but pull your knees up so that they are parallel with the floor.  If you are feeling really crazy, straighten your whole leg out as well.  The presses on the medicine ball are really for balance.  This is basically bench press on a medicine ball, so have someone hand you the weights to avoid injury.

This shoulder exercise hits the core with fury.  You can stand on one leg or grab a bench to place one foot on and simply do your shoulder presses.  Standing on one leg adds a balancing act while your core muscles are used to keep you up straight.  With the plyo-crunches, you need a friend.  If you don’t have a friend, face a wall.  Start by lying down on a medicine ball with a 10 lb. ball in your hands.  Stretch back with the ball touching the ground behind your head, crunch back up and simultaneously throw the ball to your friend.  Then have your friend toss it back to you.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with another workout that hits your cardio and muscular endurance.

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