Over the years, products have been advertised to weekend warriors that say it will help take you to the next level.  Some of these have a place in anyone’s training program, while others have a place in the garbage.  One product that I have recently come across is the Equalibryum bracelet.  After reading the good review from Donn Maeda in Transworld, I decided to try it out.

So what is it?  According to the website, Equalibryum is “wearable sports technology designed to increase the body’s Equilibrioception or sense of balance giving our customers greater confidence when they compete. “  It utilizes “technology combined with natural frequencies embedded in our hexagon holograms combined with titanium infused silicone.”  Sounds complicated.  It basically uses the hexagons and titanium to align the body’s natural frequencies to give you a better sense of strength, balance and confidence when competing.

Equalibryum says you can wear the bracelet all of the time or just when you compete.  I have had it about a week and wear all the time.  The first time I put it on was right after working out.  I was feeling pretty exhausted from the gym, but after about 20 minutes with the bracelet on, I felt like I had more energy.  A few days later I started to feel some aches from old riding injuries go away.  It wasn’t a drastic change, but a noticeable one.  Playing racquet ball with it actually helped during the game and the next day with the soreness.

Like I said before, I have only it for about a week now.  It seems to be working, but it is by no means a miracle device.  They have Davi Millsaps, Adam Cianciarulo, Ashley Fiolek and Ryan Morias wearing them and with some big names like this, it has to be working.  What I really like about it is that they have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  So in about 2 weeks, I am going to make a decision if I should keep it or not.  If you have one or used to wear one, I would like to know.  Right now, I am pretty happy with it, but I am always looking for everyone’s opinion.

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  1. I was super skeptical about these things myself. Was riding with one of the said pros mentioned above who gave me one. HOLY S### is all I have to say. I dont know what it is or how it works but my arm pump was non existant and my recovery time much quicker. I am stuffing all the stockings this year with them.


  2. You know, I let my roommates try it on for a while and they seem to notice a difference as well. Like I said, I have some time before the money back guarantee runs out. I’m glad to hear they worked so well for you. Some people have said they couldn’t feel anything.

  3. Is there a link to buy one of these or do you know where to go to get one?

  4. Brian,

    this is where I got mine.


    …if you type in supportARF in the discount line, you get 20% off and it goes towards the Athlete Recovery Fund!

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