Football Drills for Moto

This guy knows how to really train.I am a huge football fan.  Mostly, college, but professional is still great.  If you look at the amount of strength and cardiovascular endurance needed to win a football game at that level, it’s pretty incredible.  A closer look at the drills and conditioning of these players shows a great way to train for motocross.  Football drills combine explosive strength, cardio, agility and mental toughness into a way racers can use on the track.

Lung Burners

The first drill is pretty simple and can be done at a park.  Grab a friend and have him stand 40 yards away.  Sprint to your friend and then do 15 push ups or crunches. Turn around and sprint back to your original spot and do your crunches or push ups.  Repeat this 6 time.  Next, have your friend move back another 20 yards.  Do the same thing, except repeat this 4 times.  Now, have your friend move back another 20 yards.  Sprint to him and do the drill twice.  Finally, move your friend back another 20 yards and sprint the 100 yards once.  Have fun with this one!

The Killers

If you thought the Lung Burners were hard, you will LOVE this one.  Use a friend again and have him stand 100 yards away.  Sprint to him and then do 20 push ups or crunches.  Next, sprint back to your original spot and do 19 push ups or crunches.  Repeat this process until you are at 0 push ups or crunches.  This is some serious cardio and muscular endurance training.

High Knees to Push Ups

This is a drill you see all the time in movies.  This is best done at the end of your training session.  Run in place for ten seconds and then drop to the floor.  When you hit the ground, push yourself up as fast as you can and start running in place again.  Next, run in place for 9 seconds, then drop and push up.  Repeat this until you are down to 0 seconds.

After these drills, you should be wiped.  I would do this drill once a week for a few weeks.  This gives your body a chance to recover from the massive amount of running and push ups/ crunches.  After a few weeks, you should notice a big difference in your cardio. The intervals are great for motocross and push your anaerobic endurance.  And we all know that this is critical in racing, especially at the end of the moto.  So push yourself in this session and you will really reap the rewards on the track.

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