In Season Training

During a race season, if one is not in shape, it will become apparent about midway through the season.  With the heat and humidity burning up the country, the weaker riders will break down and the results will show.  Keeping a training schedule during the week is important because you ensure that you are getting enough rest for the upcoming race and that you still maintain your endurance.  The whole part of this is to be able to ride, strength train, get your cardio in and still rest.  With the right timing, you can cram this into the week and still feel 100% for your next week.

Mondays are usually a day of active recovery.  There is no weight training on this day because your body is still recovering from the conditions of the race.  You may not feel sore, but hitting the weight room or busting out hardcore cardio this soon may put you behind for the rest of the week.  So take it easy and just do a light jog or any kind of cardio.  Keep it under an hour.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the heavy days.  Get your motos in for these days to work on some things you struggled with from the weekend.  Maybe you didn’t do too well with starts or corners.  This is the time to go over any mistakes made over the weekend.  If you can’t ride during the week, hit the treadmill, row machine or stationary (road) bike.  Unlike Mondays, cardio needs to be a higher intensity (around 80% of your max HR) for over an hour.  Then you can take a breather for a while and later hit up some strength training.  Here’s a sample workout I did a while ago that’s perfect for in season training.  Don’t do this exact workout two days in a row.  You can do this on Tuesday and then for Wednesday, you can substitute different exercises.

Thursday and Friday are like Monday.  However, Thursday’s cardio requires a higher heart rate (around 80% of your max HR) and you can keep it about an hour.  And Friday is short and very light cardio.

For the weekend, just travel and keep hydrated!  This system keeps the bulk of the training in the beginning of the week so you can still rest and feel ready come race time.  The active recovery on Monday and Friday keep the heart up and the blood flowing.  Good luck!

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