Interval Sessions

Your body needs rest, plain and simple.  This is the time you grow and develop.  For this reason, I normally workout Monday and Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, then workout on Thursday and Friday.  However, yesterday, (Wednesday), I went to the USF gym with a friend.  I didn’t want to hit the weights, so I thought I could work on my cardio.  Because I don’t care for running, I chose to put some time on one of the stationary bikes and throw down an interval session. 

Stationary bikes are better for your joints and provide a great workoutI did an interval training article a while ago, so in case you don’t know what interval training is about; I’ll give you a summary.  Basically you have periods of high intensity and periods of low intensity and you alternate between the two.  Since I don’t trust the heart rate monitor on the bikes, I usually just go as hard as I can for duration of time.  In this case, I went 1 minute of low intensity to 30 seconds of high intensity.  To start out off, I did 5 minutes of warm up at my low intensity level.  My RPMs were in the high 70s.  Then, once the 5 minutes were up, I went to my high intensity level and maintained the resistance there for 30 seconds, keeping my RPMs no slower than 70.  After the 30 seconds, I went back to my low intensity level and stayed there for a minute.  It works out, so that when you reach 20 minutes, you are done with the high intensity levels. 

For a cool down, do another 5 minutes of low intensity levels.  This will help prevent your body cramping up quickly.  When it was all said and done, I was on the bike for 25 minutes and burned about 250 calories.  At my age, counting calories is not a big deal, but it’s the way in which I pushed my body.  I touched both anaerobic and aerobic areas, which is a key part in motocross.  And, I got a great workout in less than a half an hour. 

There are different variations to this style of training:

60 seconds of High Intensity – 60 seconds of Low Intensity

30 seconds of High Intensity – 90 seconds of Low Intensity

30 seconds of High Intensity – 30 seconds of Low Intensity. 

It really depends on how high your fitness level is.  If you are in shape, you can do an even 30 – 30, but if you not, do a 30 – 90.  You can cater this to how you want it.  You only need to do about 7 or 8 sets of high and low intervals.  Also, do no more than 3 interval sessions a week.  Don’t overdo it.  Try it out and see where you are.  After I got off the bike, I felt like I just ran 3 miles and squatted 400 lbs a couple times!  It’s definitely intense.

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  1. I race BMX and use alot of your tips. I use this interval training! It is one of the best work outs!

    Thanks for the great posts

  2. My friend races BMX and she showed me some sprint stuff she does for training. So I kinda changed it up for motocross.

    Thanks for the support!

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