Josh Lichtle and Summer Heat

This summer has been a scorcher.  With temperatures in the 90s and the heat index in the triple digits, riders are pushing their bodies to the absolute limit to win and entertain you.  While most of them are prepared, some riders could not handle the intense heat.  One of these riders was Josh Lichtle.  Sadly, he passed this weekend at Red Bud.  Reports say that suffered from heat stroke.

This is terrible news no matter how you look at it, yet he was doing what he loved.  I don’t know Josh or his family at all, but I am truly sorry for what they are going through.  As riders and racers, we all have to look at this and remember that this summer heat is not to be taken lightly.  Precautions must be made because it can happen to anyone as we have just witnessed.

Loretta Lynn’s is just around the corner and this week long tradition brings some of the most grueling conditions amateurs will face.  Living in South and Central Florida my whole life, I am pretty familiar with heat and humidity, but even being acclimated to this is not enough.  Physically, you are putting your body through an enormous amount of stress riding in the summer time.

The amount of energy exerted and being wrapped in riding gear adds up to potentially dangerous scenarios.  If you ride, you don’t need to be told how tough it is.  This is simply a reminder that we all need to stay extremely hydrated and relax after each moto.  Eat some cold fruit and have a few wet clothes to drape over your neck to cool you down.  For more info on heat acclimation, check out my other post.

RIP Josh Lichtle

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