Keepin' it simple

Just ride!!!This week, I came home from school and spent some time with my parents.  I usually only get to come home every couple of weeks, so riding is few and far between, so I have been itching to ride.  I haven’t ridden since April.  Actually, it’s not just itching, it’s a frenzy.  I saw my bikes in the trailer and wanted to ride right then.  It made me think what I really ride for.  I’m not going pro or riding for a national championship.  I ride for the fun of it.  I think a lot of people that ride and race every weekend, get consumed by the competitiveness, so they push and push to get faster, but get too frustrated when they don’t get the results they want.

 They think too much and don’t ride.  When I say ride, I’m saying they are putting too much emphasis on thinking about getting faster and ride over their head.  When I first took a long break from riding, I stopped thinking about improving my results in my races, trying to hit a big jump, or trying to remember to keep my form.  I stepped on the track, fresh from my break, and flowed.  I stopped thinking about everything and enjoyed every second I was on the track.  When I got off the track, I had a grin from ear to ear.  I didn’t throw my helmet off and try mess with the suspension.  Everything felt right because I was having fun, enjoying what got me into the sport in the first place….RIDING!!! 

A lot of people try to get serious about racing and it screws you up.  You start getting pissed off because you aren’t getting the results or riding like the way you want.  You essentially get burnt out.  I’m not telling you to stop racing, remember that it’s for fun.  Just remember what you ride for.  What makes you throw a leg over your bike and twist the throttle, every time you get up early to go the track?  Take riding for what it is, riding.

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