Mind Over Arm Pump

Surgery is an option for arm pump, but try to get through the mental part first.Arm pump is something that every rider has dealt with before.  The reason for arm pump can be from the lactic acid build up or from mental errors.  The mental side can be easier to deal with than you think.  I had this problem in big in races; I could do laps all day on practice days, but come race time, my fore arms would be like bricks.

The best way to get around the fore arm pump is to get into a race routine.  When you are out of rhythm on race day like running late or have mechanical issues, this will cause unneeded stress.  And this stress will get you tensed up, resulting in pumped arms.  If you are worry about other things other than concentrating on the track, you’re going to make mistakes and the mistakes will cause arm pump as well.

In addition to having a good routine, it also helps to clear your head and relax.  Enjoy the atmosphere and remember this is the easiest day of week.  You have trained hard all week and now you only have to ride a few times.  That’s how you have to look at it.  Every time you hit the gym and beat yourself up, you make things easier on race day.  If you have that confidence, you will just relax and go on auto pilot.

Another thing to remember is to have fun!  You are there because you want to be there (hopefully!).  The excitement of the race day should put you in a good mood and be ready win!  However, this atmosphere can sometimes lead to a nervous feeling.  This would be my biggest down fall and after my moto, my hulks sized fore arms were hard as rocks.

So, the point is to calm down and just have a solid, reliable routine on race day to ease the stress.  You have worked hard all week and you don’t need to worry about your fitness, so enjoy the day and have fun!  The mental part of arm pump is a simple remedy and don’t think you are the only one who has, every gets it!

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