Off Season Training

Okay, not every state looks like this.For most of you in the Northern states, you have put the bike away for a while.  There is snow on the ground and even in the Southern states; there really isn’t a lot of big races.  This is the perfect time to look back at the spring, summer and fall and see how you did over the last season.  Now, I am sure most of you are thinking, “Seasons are only for the pros.”  This is not true and you can actually benefit from training seasonally.

I know you are probably annoyed about logs and how much I talk about them, but they make a HUGE difference in training and your results.  If you have been keeping a log, you can look back and see what kind of training you were doing and how that translated to the track.  Going off memory alone won’t be much help.  A rider can look back and see what type of training benefitted him/her the most.

This is also a time to look back on your weaknesses.  I always had trouble with cradio, so I used to run 2 miles, 3 times a week.  Over the following weeks, I could see the difference in my motos and lap times.  What if you had trouble with swapping out or headshake?  You might need to work on lower body and core strength to keep your legs from getting tired.  This is the time you also need to work on the base of your fitness.

The main focus of off training is to build that base up so you can be better prepared for next year.  Longer, moderate cardio sessions are needed in order to get that basic aerobic base built up.  This prepares the body for the interval training used in the pre-race and race season.  I do preach about the interval sessions quite a bit, but the winter months require you to change your program up to help you for the next season.

As you already know, I am a firm believer in strength training.  It helps protect you from injury, you keep better form throughout your moto, and it looks good for the ladies!  The off season, like the aerobics, can be used to increase that anaerobic threshold of yours.  Combining the two, you can get yourself ahead of everyone else who is still in that race training mode.  Those people don’t give their bodies rest to recover from the season and get burnt out.  So have a look back at your last season, evaluate your results and work on your weaknesses.

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