Old School Cardio

Some of the best ways of getting into shape are the old “skool” ways.  If you played sports in high school, you know how tough the first few weeks were.  They were conditioning drills from hell.  However, they worked and they got you into shape for the upcoming season.  As far as athletic conditioning, most high school coaches don’t really know a whole lot, but when conditioning drills are applied correctly, they can get you into shape for those upcoming races.  Here’s a few old school methods to get some last minute conditioning:

Shuttle Runs

These were used a lot in basketball.  Basically, you sprint 10 yards, then turn around and sprint back to your original starting point.  Once you reach the starting point, you turn around and sprint 20 yards.  Keep doing this process until you reach 40 yards.  Once you have done this, take a break for a little bit, then repeat this process 2 more times.  This really works your anaerobic system and your agility.

Indian Run

Grab a few friends and get in a line.  Start jogging and every 10 seconds, the last person in line sprints to the front.  If you only have one other person, give each other about a 5 second gap and if you don’t have anyone to train with, sprint every 30 seconds for 10 seconds.  This is perfect interval training.  This gives you the lower heart rate training and the spikes your heart rate with the sprint….kind of like battling or saving a swap.

Mountain Climbers

Get into a push up position.  While keeping your hands still on the ground, move your feet quickly towards your chest.  The closer your feet are to your hands, the better.  You can alternate or use both feet.  This really works the core and upper body.  You are also pushing your flexibility as you get your cardio in.

You can combine all of these to get a great last minute workout before the races.

Here’s a simple workout that will get you prepped for the races:

Shuttle Runs – 3 sets with 1 minute rest between sets

Indian Runs – 15 minutes

Mountain Climbers – 10 minutes

Tired of Being Tired?

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