Overcoming Defeat

Loretta Lynn’s is here.  The excitement and intensity of the week are something that every amateur racer looks forward to.  However, out of the countless hopefuls, only a select few make it to the big show.  If you have made it to Tennessee, then congratulations and if you haven’t, there is nothing to worry about.  Maybe you had a bad moto or mechanical issue with your bike, but it is something that happens to everyone.  If you are feeling bummed about missing the event, do not dwell on this feeling because it will only drag you down.  And that will lead to more lackluster results.

Confidence is everything in the world of motocross.  They always say once you have gotten your first win, the rest are much easier.  Look at Ricky (the G.O.A.T.)  When he moved up to the 250 class after decimating the 125’s, he had a bumpy start.  Much like JS7 did when he made the move up, there were crashes and difficulties.  Now I am absolutely positive that Ricky was extremely frustrated.  He is a racer and he expects to win every race.  Do you think he dwelled on his bad races when he moved up?  Not at all.

He overcame defeat and took Jeremy McGrath down.  Every racer experiences this feeling of losing.  It is a terrible feeling to have after giving your all in the gym and on the track.  However, constantly thinking about your defeats will lead you astray from your way to confidence.  Once defeat sinks into your mind, you tend to over think your riding and doubt yourself.  You know how to ride a motorcycle, what more do you need to know?  Nothing.

After getting bucked around on the 250, Ricky put his head down and pushed through it.  His hard work paid off and he began riding like he really should have.  You don’t have to dominate your next race to get your confidence back.  Maybe you just feel really good or your laptimes are better than you thought.  All it takes is one event to trigger that little spark.  You then build up from there and don’t look back.

If you didn’t make it to Loretta Lynn’s, don’t fret.  There is always next year.  Learning from your mistakes is certainly the hard way, but if you overcome those past mishaps, it will make you a stronger rider.  Like I said before, if you didn’t do well in your qualifiers, it happens to everyone and it is not the end of the world.  Concentrate on moving ahead with your program and look forward to next year.  As the saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”

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