A lot of times I stress to push yourself.  This is necessary in order to make gains with your cardio, strength and lap times.  However, pushing too much can be a bad thing.  This often results in over training.  You will often feel like you aren’t where you should be with your riding and training.  You feel weak and tired all of the time.  For this, rest is the best only way to get around this.

So what are they symptoms of over training?  The physical symptoms are a lack of strength, endurance, speed, etc.  You will often feel like you are getting weaker and can’t go as long in your cardio.  When this happens, you become mentally taxed as well.  You will become more irritable, experience anxiety, defiance, and dullness and find it hard to sleep.  When this happens, you begin to doubt yourself.  And when you doubt yourself and your training, you will not have that confidence on the line.  And everyone knows confidence is a huge factor in racing.  Everything builds on each other.

That confidence and “swagger” you get from a solid and effective program takes a while to build up and when that swagger is lost, it takes a long time to get it back.  This goes back to doubting yourself.  You don’t look forward to hitting the gym or even riding (in extreme cases) because you’re exhausted and you don’t think it is worth it to train.

The only way to get back to normal is to take a step back reevaluate your training program.  An efficient and great program is going to allow your body to rest and rebuild itself.  When you put your body through the stresses of riding, jogging or weight lifting, it breaks down.  When you rest, it builds back up and repairs.  A good rule to follow is to give your muscles 48 hours of rest before hitting it again.  For example, let’s say you hit your back and shoulders on Monday.  Wait at least until Wednesday to hit them again.  The same goes for cardio.  Give yourself a day to recover.  Don’t forget to get plenty of sleep!  If you have been feeling weaker and you haven’t been training with as much intensity, give yourself some rest and it will make a big difference.

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