Periodization 101

Training for any sport can get difficult and motocross is no different.  With big events throughout the year and dealing with injuries makes the timing crucial to ensure you peak in correct time periods.  This is where periodization comes into play.  If you have been reading my site for a while, you have probably come across this subject and it is a huge regiment for everyone.  This process is designed to ensure you are correctly training at the right time.

So what is periodization?  It is basically comprised of cycles. In each cycle, you train differently and build upon each one to optimize you for your particular sport.  Each cycle can be broken down into a few weeks or even a few months.  It all depends of the type of event and person.  For most, 4 to 6 weeks is a sufficient time period to stress the body and move on to the next cycle. In moto, you have 3 to 4 cycles.  You have the off season, pre season/ pre competitive, and competitive.

For the most part, your off season is when you are in active recovery.  You are riding more than any kind of training and this is the time to work on technique or drop those lap times.  I combined the next two because they are somewhat doing similar things in that you should be concentrating on your longer aerobic base and start your strength training program.  As you get closer to race time, you taper off your strength program and throw in some interval training.  Finally, you begin interval cardio to simulate motos.  Don’t forget that this period requires more rest because of the higher intensity of the training and racing.

Another important part of periodization is to work towards a specific goal.  If you have a set of races that you are attending, plan ahead of time and set out 3 goals for each cycle.  Make them achievable and write it down so you can see it every day.  If you just say “I want to get ready for these races” and don’t set a plan out, you are just wandering to the date of the first race.  So write down realistic goals and stick to it.  Commit to each cycle and by the next race, you can have the confidence of knowing you are in better shape than anyone on the line.  And we all know how big a part confidence plays in our sport.

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