Post Loretta’s – Recovery Week

After a week of scorching temperatures, the 29th annual Loretta Lynn’s are in the books.  It was quite a week with Copper Webb shining in the Supermini class over Adam Cianciarulo and Jason Anderson winning the Horizon Award.  As it comes to a close and another class graduates from the amateur ranks, this week is a time of relaxation.  The travel, the heat, the racing, and every other activity that is associated with this championship take a heavy toll on the body; both physically and mentally.

The weeks of preparation for this race adds extra load to the body.  Hopefully, you were able to peak and perform at your highest level.  After training and riding so hard, this week really should be used as recovery time.  The heat index was over a 100o daily and the physical toll on the body in this weather can carry over into this week.  Light cardio with your heart rate in the 70% range will help you get the blood flowing, accustomed to your regular climate and pump oxygen/nutrients to your body.  About an hour’s worth of road biking or similar cardio twice this week will be good.

As far as mentally, the strain and pressure put on you can carry over to the physical aspect of your training as well.  Take this week to have fun on your dirt bike.  If you don’t want to even look at the bikes, don’t do it.  Constant bombardment of riding and training can burn you out.  It happens all the time.  Kids put so much into their racing program and they get sick and tired of it.  The dream of turning pro becomes a more of hassle and slowing it becomes pointless.  So remember why you want to race and just chill.

If you do decide to ride, keep it light and under 20 minute motos.  There’s no sense in trying to bust out long motos when you just went balls to the wall in hellish temperatures last week.  If you felt like you need to work on corners or some kind of technique, just focus on that part for the week and keep it simple.  Like I said before, just have fun and enjoy the seat time.

If you made it to Loretta Lynn’s, congratulations.  Even if you didn’t do well, you still beat out thousands of hopefuls to earn a spot on the gate.  To sum this up, take this week to recoup, recover and get ready to get back into the groove of training next week.  Now that most of amateur season is coming to a close, you can start looking forward to the off season and building your strength.

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