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If you have trouble getting motivated, get some music pumping.Music can be a very powerful tool.  It motivates people and gets into your head very quickly.  In training, this tool can be just as powerful as the stationary bike or weights.  Just look at the starting gate at the nationals; when Mike Alessi was on the gate, he could be seen with his headphones, rockin’ out.  It gets you pumped for the race or even to get your day started.

My alarm clock has an iPod adapter on it, so I put on a playlist, set my alarm about 15 minutes early, and chill in bed to a few songs in the morning.  It gets me pumped for the day and gets me moving.  Getting out of bed was especially tough when the weather is bad.  Last semester I had to get up for Chemistry at 8 am when it 27o.  In Florida, that’s not natural!  So my music definitely got me out of bed.

Music plays a huge role in the gym.  It helps so much to get that last rep or go that extra mile.  Depending on how I’m feeling, I’ll throw on some Devil Wears Prada or August Burns Red…the kind of stuff that screams you to work.  Other times, rap just gets me in that mood to get stuff done.  It’s really what you’re into and how you’re feeling.

Before riding, it can be crucial.  If you are at a big race, sometimes you just need to chill by yourself, put the head phones on and zone out.  You get into the race mentality and you are ready to win.  Or if you are just riding for fun, it can provide you with the focus of going for an extra lap or just riding good.  Either way, it focuses you for the moto ahead so you can ride your best.

Motocross is a mental game.  Many football coaches say that football is 30% physical and 70% mental.  I’m sure that’s not the case, but you have to look at it from that perspective.  If your head is not in the moto, you WILL get hurt.  When you throw some good tunes on, you get that rhythm and focus needed to ride your fastest…and more importantly, safely.  A lot of people live off of their iPod’s, but if you leave it at home before you go riding, take it along.  You will notice a big difference on the track.

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