Racing Mentality

Professional racers ride a lot.  That’s obvious.  But, when they say they need to find some extra speed, how do they do it?  How does anyone do that?  The answer is simple.  Get a riding buddy!  Some one that is faster than you would help you so much with your raw speed, but someone just as fast as you would work as well.  The idea is to get into that race mentality during practice.

The part you want to concentrate on here is to be mentally tough for the races.  If you ride by yourself, that’s great for getting your form and skills down, but if you want to step your game up, ride with someone.  You will find yourself getting bored and stale if you ride alone.  Your mentality will change during practice if you ride at race pace, battling with a friend.  You learn to hang it out more and ride on the edge.  Don’t ride over your head; just to the point between comfort and fear.  If you never push yourself, how are you going to get faster?  With a friend riding with you, you can hear their engine, think about your line selection and try to concentrate on the track ahead of you.  This sounds a lot like a race environment, doesn’t it?

You and your riding buddy will push each other to become better riders.I would always ride by myself and come race day, I would choke up because I wasn’t used to the race environment and pace.  I was used to my own line and taking my time.  When you are racing, you have to be able to hit either the inside and outside lines well, or you are going to get passed because you are taking your normal, comfortable line you are used to.  Even if you don’t have someone to ride with, go to practice on Saturdays or Sundays, find someone on the track and ride with them.  Don’t try and stuff them in a turn, but just be smart and try to pass them.  If they swing out wide, try and cut to the inside.  If they go to the inside, go outside.  That way, you can at least get used to a decent race situation of different line selection and traffic.     

Again, practicing by yourself is good for testing some new settings or practicing corners.  However, riding with a friend or someone that is as fast as you or faster, will help you get into that racer mentality easier and more often.  Once, you get into that race mode, you will get more out of practice and you can ride just as good at the races as you do in practice.

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