Racquet Ballas

This little ball could help you out at the end of a long moto.  I’m not the biggest fan of tennis. It just doesn’t get me excited as much football or motocross. However, if you analyze the game and the condition of the tennis players, there’s a page racers can take from ole’ Federer’s book. Like I said, tennis isn’t my things, but racquet ball is another story. It is a faster pace and requires you to be on toes the whole game. “Four wall” is even more intense and the benefits are ideal for moto.

Four wall racquet ball is perfect for motocross actually. The fast pace keeps the heart rate up throughout the game. By the end of the first game, you will see how much cardio you can get from just that one game. Another good thing is the explosiveness needed by your lower body. Like the plyometrics article earlier, racquet ball requires you to think and react quickly and sprint to the ball if needed. An example of the plyometric – like requirement in racquet ball is jumping. If the ball is going to go over your head, you might have to jump as high as you can to reach the ball. Your legs use a lot of force and get a great workout.

This can be pretty tough if you have been playing a long set; so, your anaerobic capacity is worked as well. But you have to play hard to get that benefit. Your hand – eye coordination is also improved and your reaction time is cut down dramatically….better starts….maybe??? Your upper body is also getting worked as well. The explosiveness is here as well. Swinging the racquet in a controlled manner definitely requires some strength and again, coordination. If you think you are in shape, play a few games of four wall and it will put you in your place real quick. It is really great if you are tired to jogging or hitting the stationary bikes. Plus it is something that you and friend (that doesn’t moto) can enjoy.

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