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The delts cover the shoulder joint, so make sure it's strong!I believe it was last Supercross season when Chad Reed had a bunch of shoulder problems…come to think of it, it seems like he always has had them.  Anyway, the shoulders are a very important muscle group that shouldn’t be neglected.  The main muscle is the deltoid.  This muscle holds the humorous and the scapula together, along with the bicep, triceps and numerous other muscles.  A strong set of shoulders can go a long way in moto.

The deltoid is a smaller muscle and cannot lift as much weight as most muscles can.  So, it is important to keep things light; light as in 10 lbs to start with.  Here are a few deltoid exercises to get you started:

Clean and Press

Now this is something that not only works the shoulders, but it incorporates your legs, core and back.  With this exercise, you want to squat down, lean slightly forward and grip the bar about shoulder width.  Now, lift with your legs and lift the bar to shoulder height, tucking the elbows in to support the weight.  Finally, press the weight over your head and bring it back down your shoulders, then finally back to the floor.  Remember to keep your back straight and lift with your legs!

Standing Lateral Raises

Standing up, back straight and legs slightly bent, you want to raise you arms out to the sides.  When your arms come up to your shoulders, stop.  When you come to the stopping point, you palms should be pointing down, almost like you are pouring out glass of water.  Arms should be slightly bent as well.

Front Dumbbell Raises

Same form as standing Lateral Raises except you raise your arms in front of you with palms facing down.  An alternative to this is to have your palms facing each other.

Bent over Dumbbell Laterals

Same as standing lateral raises except you are bent over.  This is harder than you think because in order to get the proper form, you must keep your chest down as much as possible.  Remember to think about pouring the water out of the glass.

Upright Rows

Start with the dumbbells in front of your, palms facing towards you.  Then simply raise them up to your chin.  Make sure you keep them close to your stomach and chest.  Don’t throw them up, control the weight.

This should definitely hit the shoulders well.  You can use the clean and press on more days because it is such a great exercise for moto.  Like I said before, strong shoulders can prevent upper body injury and it can help your arms and chest.  This will help you keep your form longer in the moto, resulting in faster lap times and better speed.  I like to throw shoulders in with legs, just to do something while I am resting my legs.  You will definitely feel these in the morning.

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