Strength Training basics

Some people still tend to think that strength training can only hinder your riding by giving you arm pump.  They go to the gym and do endless amounts of cardio and see the protein-shake chugging meat heads in the gym.  Isolating your “glamour muscles” is not the right way to go about training efficiently for motocross.  If you haven’t lifted in a while or you want to put some weight for big bikes, here is a sample workout to help get you back into the weight room.

Try this for 3 or 4 weeks.   Perform the exercises right after another and perform 6 to 8 reps for 3 sets.  After each set take 2 minutes rest.

Bench Press – Chin Ups – Squats

Bent over Rows – Military Presses – Dead Lifts

Clean and Press – Medicine Ball Crunches – Hanging Leg Raises

All of these exercises should be used with barbell.  They are all compound movements that use multiple joints that engage your core and moto muscles.  Isolation training hits individual muscles that do not work the body in a way that is suitable for racing.  The body building technique is not the right way to go about strength training.

Remember, before and after this workout, be sure to warm up, stretch then cool down.  This shouldn’t be done within 48 hours of each workout.  Between those 2 days, you can supplement riding and cardio.  Your cardio can be under an hour and your heart rate range should be about 75% of your max HR.

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