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Ryan couldn't have won this plate without the help of his team and familyThroughout my life, I have been fortunate to have parents that support me in whatever I do.  When I got my first bike, I was hooked instantly.  My dad and I went to the track on the weekends and got into racing.  Riding casually on the weekends is manageable by yourself, but when you start racing, you need a support system.  I am not talking about getting sponsors; I am talking about getting people around you that are supportive and push you in the right direction.

In the “Great Outdoors: Another Perfect Season”, Ricky Carmichael contributes his success to the people that supported him throughout his career.  He says that he tried to surround himself with good people and he got good results.  He had his mother and father helping, guiding him throughout his career and it paid off.  Obviously, not everyone’s parents are going to approve and support you like RC’s parents did, but the point is to find a core group of people that you can rely on through the thick and thin.

How does is this even related to training at all?  If you are doing your racing alone, you are truly missing out.  You have no one push you in the gym, push you at the track, motivate you and help pick yourself up when you need it the most.  You need the support to push you in the right direction when you don’t feel like training or not riding today.  Having some kind of support helps keep your eyes on the prize; like Alpinestars says, “One goal.  One Vision.”

Most importantly, the support you get helps keep things fun.  That’s why we are here in the first place.  We love riding dirt bikes and racing them.  Finding the right people and having them around you is a great way to have good results.  You can train like a mad man and have a group of stupid friends and/or a crazy “Mini Dad”, and still get bad results.  The support emotionally and mentally is enough to carry you through even the worse races.  Find some solid, down to Earth friends and family and you will have a winning combination with the right training.

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