Training Week: Friday

I hope your legs aren’t too sore, because today we are going to run 5 miles.  Just kidding.  Today is devoted to nothing.  It is a designated rest day.  You need to give your body a chance to recover from the intensity of the past 3 days.  The legs and core need to repair the damage from yesterday’s workout.  If you were to do cardio or more strength training, you would be too sore and/or exhausted to ride at optimal levels.

This is just a sample of what a week could look like.  This would be more of an “in season” week.  The intensity of the circuits and intervals are quick and give you time to recover.  If you were in the off season, you would have a longer cardio session on Monday or longer, less intense strength workout.  This is where periodization comes into play.  It is pretty much a pattern.

When there are no big races, you can have longer workouts because you do not have the weekend devoted to racing.  The intensity is not as high, but you build your base for cardio and strength.  As you approach the bigger races (i.e. Loretta Lynn Qualifiers), you can begin to throw in the interval training and more rest days.

The rule of thumb is this: the more intense the workout, the more recovery you need.  Take this week for example: we had Monday as a light, active recovery day and Friday is completely off.  The rapid pace of the workouts in the middle of the week requires you to take it easy on Friday to be ready for the weekend riding.

If you have any questions or need help getting a weekly program set up, let me know!

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