Training Week: Thursday

Again, sorry it’s late, but I was traveling and had class.  Better late than never!  Today is going to be spent back in the weight room.  This time we are concentrating on your lower body and core.  This is where the meat and potatoes are for strength training.  The leg muscles and core are two of the most important parts in riding, so make this day count.

Just like Tuesday’s workout, we are going to have circuits and the same perimeters still apply.  Warming up is mandatory as this is taxing on your lower back and knees.

Deadlifts – Lunges – Planks

Squats – Hyper Extensions – Side Planks

Hanging Leg Raises – Weighted Crunches (on medicine ball)

For all of the weighted exercises, 15 reps will be sufficient.  The planks are static and meant to be held in place.  You can hold it for 30 seconds.  Like I said, the squats and deadlifts are big, compound movements that will take a lot out of you.  You are not trying to set world records with these lifts, so go lighter and concentrate on form.

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