Training with Television

This kid has the right ideaTraining off the bike is crucial and so is riding.  If you train your butt off, but can’t ride much, you will still get pretty winded after your motos.  However, if you train like you’re in a race situation, you can dramatically improve your endurance.  Take for instance basketball.  You don’t see basketball players running for long periods of time at a steady pace.  Instead, they sprint up and down the court because that’s what happens in the game; you sink a basket and then sprint down court to defend yours.

So how does this apply to MX?  First of all, finding your heart rate during the moto is a good place to start.  If you have a heart rate monitor you can wear during your moto, that is perfect.  But if you don’t, just count the number beats per minute on your wrist when you are done with a moto (the radial pulse is where you would wear a watch…use your first two fingers and don’t press down too hard).  This should give you a rough estimate as to what your heart rate is.  This gives you a guide line to how hard you need to keep your training.

You can use this heart rate on a stationary bike to help “simulate” a moto.  You could also throw in a few intervals of higher intensity to simulate a swap or you battling someone.  If you have a stationary bike at home, set up a TV with a race, and go from the gate dropping to the finish.  This gets you into a race mode and having that race on TV helps you run a long moto too.  You get into that zone and it motivates you to push harder.  This motivation can give you that extra little bit you need during the last lap of a race.

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