Treat Your Body Like Your Bike

When you look at the title of this article, I am not referring to washing your body and loading it up with decals.  I’m talking about taking care of your health and fitness.  Motocross is known to be the true man and machine sport, with the athlete and bike needing to become one.  But so many times I see racers only find it necessary to take care of their bike and do not bother take care of their bodies.  I have seen people eat candy on the way to a race and talk about drinking beer the night before, but when I see their bike, it looks like it just came off the show room floor because it has been taken care of so well.

What I am trying to say is motocross and offroad racing is demanding on your body just as it is on your bike.  Racer’s often want to put the best race gas in their bikes but will not eat healthy foods leading up to the race.  If something is wrong on your bike or it needs fixed, everybody makes sure it is ready in time by the next race, but will probably neglect some knee pain or some fatigue issues.  These are just some examples of typical scenarios of what amateur racers will do.  I like to use and believe in the phrase, “train like the pro’s.” Learn from the pro’s, they do something better than you do, so take advantage and learn from them whenever possible!

One thing you may notice is that most top riders will hire a trainer to make sure their bodies are properly prepared.  Going back to the way of thinking, treat your body like your bike, they hire a trainer to be their mechanic for their body.  So if you work on your bike yourself, always remember, when you go out to race or ride, it’s not just the bike going out there doing the laps, it is the rider too!  I hope this can be a different perspective on the way of thinking about your bike being in relation to your body.  So try to make improvements on your health and fitness every week.  Keep making minor changes that will help you on and off the track, so not only will your bike be running good, but so will you!

My name is Joel Younkins, I am from Hubbard Ohio.  I am an Exercise Science Major at Youngstown State University.  I played football at YSU until I hurt my back last summer which ended my career early.  After my injury and rehabilitation I began my own training business Joel Younkins Training.  You can look me up on Facebook (Joel Younkins Training) or Twitter @j43y.  I train motocross racers, all athletes, and general population.  Also since I am done playing football I am now a student strength coach for the university in which I work with all sports.

Editor’s note: Joel is now training XC2 championship contender, Jason Thomas in the GNCC series.

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