Warming Up for this Cold weather

Since it has finally gotten to a reasonable temperature here in Florida, I have started to feel the effects of this chilly weather.  I’m wearing a hoodie and I’m still shivering!  This shivering had me thinking about how my training is going to go tomorrow.  I haven’t had to worry about the cold since last winter.  Since the temperature is dropping, your body needs to take a longer time to warm up.  This is crucial before your first moto at the track and even when hitting the gym.

Trying to stretch cold muscles is not as effect as when they are warm.  So, your best bet is to do some full body movements like jumping jacks.  This allows the blood to flow to the muscles and get them ready for work.  This gets your joints loosened up and your muscles get a little stimulation/stretch in the movements.  You don’t have to kill yourself with these, just maybe 30 seconds.

Now, you can start your stretching.  All of the basic toe touches, lunges, arm behind the head and across the chest are good.  Make sure that all of the major muscle groups are stretched.  This is especially important before riding (even more so in the cold).  When you warm the muscles up, they stretch easier and you can increase your flexibility.  For more on stretching, take a look at the previous article I did.

After that is completed, it is a good idea to do some pushups and squats (using body weight).  Maybe 20 – 30 pushups total, same for squats.  This eases the muscles even more into harder, more strenuous work.  Football players will do this when they have initially stretched and follow that with some catching passes or throwing.  This is the sport specific stage, so for MX, you should just try to hit your lower and upper body as best you can.

Finally, you can do one more round of stretching.  However, this time, you can bounce slightly.  This is because your muscles are warmed up really well and they are pretty much ready for action.  All of this may seem trivial, but this results in huge benefits on the track and in the gym.  At the track, I would recommend getting your jersey and pants on, then wait to put your boots until you’re done with the exercises.  And don’t forget to take a parade lap in your first moto.  You warmed up your body, now you need to warm up to the track.

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