Wednesday Workout

Today’s workout is pretty straight forward.  It will combine your cardio and muscular endurance.  Most of the time, people either perform bouts of cardio or a certain volume of resistance training.  While this is great for setting a foundation, you can really get a great workout from alternating between the two in a certain amount of time or sets.  Like yesterday’s routine, this can be used in the middle of the week during a race series or for an upcoming race.  It is high intensity, so you need to properly warmed up and give yourself some time in the next few days to recover.

  1. Run 200 meters
  2. Overhead Squats
  3. Run 200 meters
  4. Dips
  5. Run 200 meters
  6. Dead Lifts
  7. Run 200 meters
  8. Inverted Rows
For the overhead squat, you want to use light weight because the bar will be held over your head like a shoulder press as you squat.  Keep you core tight and back straight.  This is a great exercise like the dead lift that can work both portions of the body.  The dips will hit the anterior side of the upper body and the rows will be a nice way to end the circuit.  Since these are body weight movements, there won’t be a rep count, just do as many as you can.  For the squat and deads, 8 to 10 reps is good.
The running does not need to be an all out sprint.  Run at a fast pace that will keep your heart rate up and around 85% of your max HR.  However, on the last run, try to give it all you have.  As far as the number of circuits, begin with 2, then you can progressively workout your way up.  Take your time with this and as I mentioned before, warm up and stretch.
Good Luck!

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