Working around Minor Injuries

Looks like he is going to be taking it easy for a while.Injuries are going to happen in our sport.  Just look at what happened this last Outdoor Series.  Mike Alessi, Ryan Villopoto and Trey Canard got hurt.  Unless you broke a bone or tore something, minor injuries can be worked around.  However, you just have to be smart and take it slow.

A while back, I shoulders would get stiff and sore, especially after bench pressing.  So, I started to do pushups and I would rep out for each set.  Now, I didn’t just stop working a muscle group because of an injury.  You have to find ways around it and hit it differently.  This is where listening to your body comes into play.  If you feel like you could train, then try.  Just make sure to take it slow.  However, if you had a big crash over the weekend and you can hardly walk; training is not looking like a good option!

This goes for cardio as well.  Sometimes, my left knee will get a little sore from running, or even just walking to class across campus.  So, instead of skipping out on my cardio, I’ll hit the stationary bike.  An even better and no impact exercise is swimming.  There is literally zero impact and it is used with the elderly because of the minimal impact on the joints.

Another thing to remember is to take things slow.  Like I said before, if you got into a big crash over the weekend, don’t try and go hard that week.  You have to be flexible with your training schedule and make sure you can make adjustments for incidents like injuries.  Work with lower weights and don’t push hard on your cardio because in the end, you will only be further injuring yourself.  So, listen to your body, take it slow and get plenty of rest.

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