Working on the Back Muscles

Your legs need to do most of the work, but your back does a lot, as well.Most of the movement you make with your upper body requires some assistance from your back muscles.  The back promotes good form like keeping your elbows up and not slouching.  It can be an easy muscle to work if you know how.  Once you have worked on your back, your form and riding will improve drastically. 

Whenever you hit your back muscles, you have to really concentrate.  If you aren’t careful, you will work more of your shoulders and arms, rather than your back.  The best way to get a moto ready back are pull ups and chin ups…and off course, some good ole’ fashion iron pumping. 

Wide Grip:  Works the outside of the back and helps develop the whole shoulder girdle.  This can help prevent some shoulder injuries as well.

Medium Grip pull ups:  Hits more of the inside of the back.  This is a good exercise for motocross because your hands should be positioned about handle bar width.  Palms should be facing away from you.    

Close Grip pull ups:  Gets the latissimus dorsi worked out.  This comes in handy when you are standing up in turns.  Your lats do most of the work for the upper body in this situation.    

Close Grip chin up:  Palms are facing away from you.  This is a variation of the one above, except the middle of the back is hit a bit more. 

Bent Over Rows:  Hits the upper back and a little bit of the lower back.  Make sure your feet are about shoulder width apart and your back is straight.  This exercise was made for motocross. 

I love doing pull ups and chin ups because they hit one part of the back hard, but still work on the rest of the back a little.  They add overall strength and add a little variety to the mundane workout.  Also, the bent over rows are perfect for motocross.  If you are feeling crazy, you could get an old pair of handle bars and tie some weight to it.  This will make things a lot easier when the track gets rough and you will be able to keep your form good.  These are just a few things to do for your back, as these will get you started and a feel for training your back muscles.

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