Yoga: Motocross Style

Yoga is something that has been around for a long time; longer than you think.  And there’s a reason why it has stuck around.  No, it is not just for women.  Yoga obviously increases your flexibility, but it also helps your strength, coordination, balance and cleanses the mind.  There are a few types of yoga and each type is geared towards a certain benefit.  But, in general, every racer at any age can benefit from this, not only to improve your riding, but to be healthy.  This is different from stretching.  Stretching is something you do to warm up and get your muscles ready for activity; yoga is an exercise that requires more from the muscles than stretching does.

Let’s get right into it.  Here are a few poses to get you stretched out.Wide Leggest Forward Bend

Wide Legged Forward bend

Begin with your feet shoulder width apart and move them out.  You want your feet about 4 feet apart (depending how tall you are).  Then slowly bend down and try to touch the floor.  If you can’t touch the floor, fold your arms over your head and let them dangle.

Intense Side Stretch

Intense Side Stretch

This is just like the previous pose.  Just pivot your heels to point to your side.  Point both feet in front of you and bend forward.  If you can, touch the ground; if not, stretch as far as you can towards your shin.

Extended triangleExtended Triangle

You can move from the side stretch to this.  You want to turn your back foot 900’s (let’s say that is your left foot).  You want to take your right hand and put it on your ankle.  Then take your other hand and raise it up above you, so it is aligned, straight with your lower arm.

Dolphin PlankDolphin Plank

This one sounds stupid, but it is a great core exercise.  Lay on your stomach.  Then get into pushup position, but instead of yours hands supporting the weight, your elbows will be.  You want to press your elbows and forearms into the ground.  Your feet should be supported by your toes like in the pushup position.

Full BoatFull Boat

This one may appear easy, but just wait it out and your abs will be on fire.  Begin by laying on your back.  Bring your legs up (like you are doing leg raises) and at the same time, get your lower back off the ground.  Use your arms for balance.

Of course, these are only a few poses that can help.  For these, a good place to start is to hold these poses for at least 30 seconds.  Then move up to a minute and try to go farther each time.  You want to take deep breathes from your diaphragm, not your stomach and be in a calm environment.  You will begin to see a difference in your focus and flexibility after a couple of weeks (if you stay consistent).  Take a few classes and you will be hooked.

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  1. Thank you for using yoga as a training program. Now I can show my 12 year old son that, just as I’ve been saying, yoga is great for balance, strength, endurance and more on and off the track. I’ve seen his balance on the track needs some refining, Now maybe he will do yoga with me.

    Thanks again,
    A Grateful Mom

  2. It might take some time, but the more your son does it, the more and more he will see the benefits. It will be easier for him to get into since family is involved though. I hope it goes well and he sticks with it!

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